On Desire and Will

The text says "Feel no guilt in your desire" and there is a drawing of two gender ambiguous people making out

This is a picture of a patch I got ages ago (I really need to find something to sew it onto)

Desire is something that I feel is very problematic to analyse or politicise. I had an experience when I was a teenager, when I was confused about sexuality and identity, wondering if I was feeling certain things because of this or that or the other, when I stepped back and said – “you know what? It doesn’t matter. These are my desires at the moment and that’s all I need to know”. This was a liberating realisation for me at the time and allowed me to explore my identity without going crazy with over thinking everything.

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A Queer Spirit: What are the connections between a queer mentality and a pagan/spiritual one?

By Kris Littlesun, 2008

As a young transsexual, I was in a rather unusual position. After I first went to the doctors at the age of 16 to tell him that I was transsexual and I wanted to be referred to the relevant people, I had a wait of two and a half years before I even saw anyone. Although this was very difficult at the time I am now very glad of what this un-influenced, uninterrupted time gave to me. I went into a period of deep self discovery, it was a very exciting process for me and it taught me a lot. Continue reading