How Do You Identify?

The above question is one that is heard a lot among queer circles, but one that I’ve always found quite strange and hard to really understand, let alone answer. If you ask me to describe myself and my experiences I’ll happily do so, but something about the word “identify” doesn’t really strike me as something I want to be doing.

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Bringing Baphomet home

By Kris Littlesun (This article is a follow up from my piece about aspecting Baphomet, read it here)

While I was at Queer Pagan Camp, my friend gave me a beautiful statuette of Baphomet. When I brought it home however I felt a strange reluctance to getting them out of my bag. I have a really bad issue with clutter, any space I occupy for any length of time ends up looking a complete state and my room is generally the epicentre of the chaos. This is something I have a lot of shame around, especially when it comes to people seeing my space when it’s in that kind of state. I realised that the reason I was uncomfortable with getting Baphomet out was because I was nervous about them seeing the state that my space was in – which I felt was rather strange, because of all the deities I feel Baphomet is probably one of the least likely to be bothered by a messy bedroom.

A drawing of Baphomet cleaning a messy room

I imagined it would be somewhat like this (

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Experiencing Baphomet

This is an account of the same ritual I talked about in this post, but from the point of view of the spectator rather than the aspector. Enjoy!

Experiencing Baphomet in the Summer of 2011 at Queer Pagan Camp, Somewhere in Wales

By Jenny Peacock

The light of the leaves in the summer woods leapt on the wood walkway. My fellow travellers and I were in a land of queer spirit and queer deity, a magical and precious land which many of us have been invested in co-creating for years and which keeps spinning its wondrous web and evolving, powered by love, change and exploration.

From il giardino dei tarocchi (the garden of tarot), garavicchio, capalbio, tuscany, italy

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