Submissions FAQ

What sort of submissions are you looking for? Our remit is very wide – personal thoughts, academic historical essays, poetry, ritual reports, manifestos, visual art, comic strips – basically anything you want to share with other queer pagans. 

My piece is very academic/personal/rambley/long/short, is that OK? Any and all formats are welcome and variety is awesome, though we may break down longer pieces into several posts.

I’ve never written/made art before or been published anywhere, can I still submit something? Yes! We are very encouraging of new creatives.

Can I submit audio/video? Sure, we’re hoping to set up a YouTube channel sometime soon so we’ll be able to upload submissions there.

Can I submit something which has been published elsewhere/an extract from my book etc? Yes, as long as you hold the copyright for it.

Can I be anonymous/can you link to my website? Yes! You can submit under a pseudonym or just anonymously, and conversely we will gladly promote any online presence you have along with your submission. 

Is there payment for submissions? Unfortunately not, as the Bent Pentacle has zero revenue and therefore zero money to give. No one involved receives any payment. Though we are more than happy to help promote your work and add your website to our blogroll. 

Will I give up the rights to my work if I submit it? Not at all, the Bent Pentacle is simply a platform to share work and the creator retains the rights to all their own work.

Is there anything which you won’t publish? We won’t publish anything which incites violence towards an individual or a marginalised group, or anything which promotes racism, (trans)mysogyny, transphobia, ableism, cultural appropriation etc.