Experiencing Baphomet

This is an account of the same ritual I talked about in this post, but from the point of view of the spectator rather than the aspector. Enjoy!

Experiencing Baphomet in the Summer of 2011 at Queer Pagan Camp, Somewhere in Wales

By Jenny Peacock

The light of the leaves in the summer woods leapt on the wood walkway. My fellow travellers and I were in a land of queer spirit and queer deity, a magical and precious land which many of us have been invested in co-creating for years and which keeps spinning its wondrous web and evolving, powered by love, change and exploration.

From il giardino dei tarocchi (the garden of tarot), garavicchio, capalbio, tuscany, italy

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‘Tis the Season – Honouring Our Queer Dead

Continuing my project of putting up the articles from the paper issues of the Bent Pentacle, here is a Samhain themed article from issue 2

By Jenny Peacock 30 October 2009. 

For many religious and spiritual traditions this time of year belongs to the dead. Traditionally, that means the dead of one’s blood-lines. LGBTQIQ pagans may want to remember and interact with the dead of their blood-lines, or, they may not. Queer folk have often (not always) experienced difficulties with blood family because of their gender/ sexual identities, and as a result may have found and created new friendship-based families instead. Many of us want to adapt traditional blood ancestor honouring to include our chosen ancestors.

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Why Do We Need Queer Pagansims?

By Jenny Peacock, 2008

Let me tell you the story of a Druid camp I went to one Beltaine not so many moons ago.

The site was on a river bend and the stars glittered at night. People were friendly and glad to be outdoors. In the evenings, around a roaring fire, they told stories and made music. A talented and bardic crowd; the camp was run by a Druidic couple, both with long flowing hair. He had a long flowing beard too, and a cloak of feathers, she sported a large brooch and dress of velvet. Most of the people at the camp were in boy/ girl couples and had children with them. Not my usual magical crew. Still, I thought – it’s good to be open to possibilities.

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