LoveSpirit gathering: celebrating spiritual & sexual diversity

By Shokti Lovestar

Join LoveSpirit on 24th September 2011 – a gathering of 400 people celebrating and exploring lgbtiq spirituality – at the University of London Union, tickets & more information  available on

My awakening to spirituality came at the age of 30 – suddenly I became aware of energy flows and non-physical realities existing around me.  My curiosity became insatiable as I plunged into exploring spiritual wisdom and practice both ancient and modern.  I soon saw certain common threads underlying, and to my eyes uniting, all religious and magical paths – commonalities such as awareness of a unified consciousness giving rise to all existence, the power and centrality of love in this creation, and the crucial relationship we humans have with the natural world.  I saw religious debates over creator gods, moral codes etc as distractions that block us off from these unified points of existence, keep us separated, and of course subjugated, by those who would hold on to the reins of power in this world.

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