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Welcome to the Bent Pentacle! This is a submissions based blog for the exploration and propagation of ideas, thoughts and feelings relating to being queer, trans or gender deviant and following a path which comes under the wide umbrella of pagan. Both “queer” and “pagan” encompass a wide and sometimes contradictory range of identities and practices, and the Bent Pentacle strives to provide a platform for as much of this diversity as possible. 

This is also a politicised space which strives to be anti racist, anti (trans)mysogynist, anti ablest,  etc. Any submissions which I feel go against this will not be accepted (similarly if you feel any posts don’t uphold this please let me know, I know I’m not perfect and I’m very much open to being called out).

I originally created The Bent Pentacle in August 2008 as a zine about queer paganism and contained articles and images from various people. After 2 issues and lots of gaps, I decided to transfer it to the online world instead. After several years of sporadic updates it went on hiatus in 2013. Now in 2016 I have found an urge to come back to the site, and I look forward to receiving submissions which will hopefully be thought provoking, challenging and affirming.

About the editor – Chris Hubley is an artist living in Bristol, UK. He is a queer trans man and is currently following a hermetic kabbalistic path.

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