Hello again! After a three year hiatus I’m cautiously dipping my toe back into the Bent Pentacle to see what it’s like, I’ve updated the About page and added an FAQ for submissions

This has been a really rough few months within the queer community and I hope that this site can do something to bring queer pagans together in love and power, and help us remember our past and move into the future. It’s my belief that working to reclaim our power spiritually is a way for marginalised folk to find the strength, sustenance and focus to continue the fight the best way we can. It can help us to vision the world we want to create and know we’re never alone when working to manifest it. It can help us learn to use both compassion and anger appropriately and productively without having to limit either. In this spirit I invite anyone reading this to submit something to the Bent Pentacle and share their magic and vision with their queer pagan sisters, brothers and others. There’s no deadline (though I’m optimistically aiming for an update every fortnight) , and no one involved is making a profit.

In love and power,

Your humble editor