On Desire and Will

The text says "Feel no guilt in your desire" and there is a drawing of two gender ambiguous people making out

This is a picture of a patch I got ages ago (I really need to find something to sew it onto)

Desire is something that I feel is very problematic to analyse or politicise. I had an experience when I was a teenager, when I was confused about sexuality and identity, wondering if I was feeling certain things because of this or that or the other, when I stepped back and said – “you know what? It doesn’t matter. These are my desires at the moment and that’s all I need to know”. This was a liberating realisation for me at the time and allowed me to explore my identity without going crazy with over thinking everything.

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Hello everyone, sorry this blog has been so quiet over the last few months. This has been because of me being super busy, but also because many of the things I’ve been thinking about writing have been quite personal in nature and I’ve been unsure about how much I really want to open myself up on here, especially because this isn’t supposed to be a personal blog! I’m in the process of writing something that will hopefully make it on here, so I’ll see you all soon 🙂

Littlesun xx