How to leave a self behind

By Red, 2008

The Death card from the Motherpeace tarot

(These thoughts were inspired by a tarot card reading I did earlier with a Motherpeace deck, drawing my present as the intoxicating Death card)

You want to shed skin for any number of reasons. Maybe you’re done with pain. Maybe you’re done with routine. Maybe you’re done with a name, or a gender, or a sex, or an addiction. Maybe one part of you, in your imagination and intuition, sees you somewhere else (happier). Pictures you in different surroundings, in different relations, with a different flow.

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Tentacle joy

By Kris Littlesun

While I was at QPC this year I had a particularly enjoyable experiance where I spent a rather long time considering the various possibilities of tentacle genitals – which would have been good enough by itself, but when I came home and saw my friends who had been holidaying in Italy, they showed me this picture they had taken outside a monastery in Santuario Basilica, Rappallo:

Statue showing being with cloven hooves and tentacles coming out between them

Taken by Edie Pain, 2011

I’ve been thinking how strange it is that so many people seem to think it’s a good idea to base their spiritual lives around genitals.

‘Tis the Season – Honouring Our Queer Dead

Continuing my project of putting up the articles from the paper issues of the Bent Pentacle, here is a Samhain themed article from issue 2

By Jenny Peacock 30 October 2009. 

For many religious and spiritual traditions this time of year belongs to the dead. Traditionally, that means the dead of one’s blood-lines. LGBTQIQ pagans may want to remember and interact with the dead of their blood-lines, or, they may not. Queer folk have often (not always) experienced difficulties with blood family because of their gender/ sexual identities, and as a result may have found and created new friendship-based families instead. Many of us want to adapt traditional blood ancestor honouring to include our chosen ancestors.

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Some rambley ponderings on trans spirit and learning the Qabalah

Written by Kris Littlesun October 2010 after attending the Dion Fortune conference in Bristol

My experience of being a transgendered man is an important part of my identity, as well as being the thing that allowed me to begin to open up to forces beyond the surface world. It gave me the opportunity to step outside of the culturally upheld binary gender system and recognise how it binds people into ways of being and prevents them from being all they can. One of the reasons I was initially drawn to shamanic practice is the lack of dogmatic gendering found in the workings as well as the history of queer and transgender practitioners in many shamanic cultures. Within these cultures the transgendered person has their own role, they are valued for who they are and the gifts they bring. I feel that transgender people, and those who blur the gender line in different ways, are lacking a role of their own in western cultures, a cultural position that has worth and importance, in the same way that cisgendered men and women do. I found a comfort and acceptance within shamanic working, but ultimately I find myself being drawn away from this kind of practice.

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