Experiencing Baphomet

This is an account of the same ritual I talked about in this post, but from the point of view of the spectator rather than the aspector. Enjoy!

Experiencing Baphomet in the Summer of 2011 at Queer Pagan Camp, Somewhere in Wales

By Jenny Peacock

The light of the leaves in the summer woods leapt on the wood walkway. My fellow travellers and I were in a land of queer spirit and queer deity, a magical and precious land which many of us have been invested in co-creating for years and which keeps spinning its wondrous web and evolving, powered by love, change and exploration.

From il giardino dei tarocchi (the garden of tarot), garavicchio, capalbio, tuscany, italy

This was a ritual to experience “hermaphro-deities”, gender-queer beings in wondrous and multiple forms. A flute was playing behind a curtain of bright material further up the path, trickling like water as our band of ritual travellers held our breath in the greenwood.

Emerging to walk among us came a being with a paper goat-headed mask and fake-fur leggings. This light-dappled being stepped out curiously, as if tasting a ballet. Neither the mask nor the leggings in fact felt fake, but fully alive. This was Baphomet –  ze of hermaphroditic form, and ze came dancing. Ze’s movements were graceful and I had a powerful sense that ze was dancing on hooves. An uprush of sunlight in the woods made my heart sing, and it felt as if all the little fauns that live in the undergrowth, perhaps only the size of a thumb-nail, were skipping through the foliage to dance with this goat-headed one.

Ze was young and old at the same time, very gentle but also glowing with a golden tiger-light. An uprush of love hit me and a sense of hush and wonder. This Baphomet, aspected by a trans-person, pranced naked of torso, full-breasted and downy with ginger chest-hair. Ze was speaking to us in a sing-song voice and the gift of gender-queerness was in the song, a gift which spoke to me of strength and vulnerability, of a journey tremendously brave and matter-of-fact at the same time. Ze challenged me to re-remember the adoration of the body in all its forms – when it can be so hard to adore one’s own body, mired in the negative messages of personal history and consumer culture. Ze blew away the cobwebs of thought-boxes for “the masculine” or thought-boxes for “the feminine”. Ze was an affirmation of things I have believed in passionately for a long time, but whilst I am well-versed in theorising that the world is far more complex than He-Man and Barbie, in this Baphomet aspecting the play and the possibilities of multifarious gender worlds made music with my heart.

Thanks to Littlesun for aspecting Baphomet.

3 comments on “Experiencing Baphomet

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  3. Joseph De Lappe says:

    It was like walking unto unknown mountains – in the mountains Baphomet roared and the mountains roared back… JoJo

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