Write for the Bent Pentacle!

Hello lovely folks, I hope you’ve been enjoying the writings and ramblings that have appeared on here over the last few days. Thank you all for reading and being generally fabulous (which I’m sure you are).

However, this blog is missing something – your voice. Right from the beggining when I was being all old fashioned and making printed zines, I was always intending the Bent Pentacle to be a colaborative effort, an open forum for discussion and idea swapping between many people, with myself mostly acting as a sort of facilitator, or maybe a ring master (I like that, they usually have better clothes don’t they?). I have a few more of my own writings in the pipeline, but I’m not really a writer and I’m sure there are many folk out there who can express themselves far more eloquently than my own wild ramblings, and who have many interesting thoughts and wisdoms to share with the world. Any pictures you may have made would be wonderful also. Anything that comes under the queer pagan umbrella (or comes just next to it), or which may be of interest to queer pagans, would be great.

So, please do send me things! Or send me links to interesting things! You can email anything you feel I should see to gokristofski at hotmail dot co dot uk   New email address! chris j hubley at gmail dot com

Lots of queer pagan hugs and kisses to you all, and I look forward to all the wonderous things you’ll be coming up with!

Littlesun xx

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