Tentacle joy

By Kris Littlesun

While I was at QPC this year I had a particularly enjoyable experiance where I spent a rather long time considering the various possibilities of tentacle genitals – which would have been good enough by itself, but when I came home and saw my friends who had been holidaying in Italy, they showed me this picture they had taken outside a monastery in Santuario Basilica, Rappallo:

Statue showing being with cloven hooves and tentacles coming out between them

Taken by Edie Pain, 2011

I’ve been thinking how strange it is that so many people seem to think it’s a good idea to base their spiritual lives around genitals.

5 comments on “Tentacle joy

  1. Jenny Peacock says:

    Yay for tentacles (on the ends of consensual beings of course). I love the idea of being embraced by a being with many tentacles – what a marvellous hug! I’m a fan of science fiction which considers gender and sexuality on other worlds and, from a tentacle perspective, can certainly recommend Octavia Butler’s “Lilith’s Brood” trilogy xx

  2. Jenny Peacock says:

    Check out this report from Cornell University/ Nasa on alien encounter scenarios 🙂
    Unfortunately they don’t seem to have considered loving congress to be a likely outcome…


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