How Do You Identify?

The above question is one that is heard a lot among queer circles, but one that I’ve always found quite strange and hard to really understand, let alone answer. If you ask me to describe myself and my experiences I’ll happily do so, but something about the word “identify” doesn’t really strike me as something I want to be doing.

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Bringing Baphomet home

By Kris Littlesun (This article is a follow up from my piece about aspecting Baphomet, read it here)

While I was at Queer Pagan Camp, my friend gave me a beautiful statuette of Baphomet. When I brought it home however I felt a strange reluctance to getting them out of my bag. I have a really bad issue with clutter, any space I occupy for any length of time ends up looking a complete state and my room is generally the epicentre of the chaos. This is something I have a lot of shame around, especially when it comes to people seeing my space when it’s in that kind of state. I realised that the reason I was uncomfortable with getting Baphomet out was because I was nervous about them seeing the state that my space was in – which I felt was rather strange, because of all the deities I feel Baphomet is probably one of the least likely to be bothered by a messy bedroom.

A drawing of Baphomet cleaning a messy room

I imagined it would be somewhat like this (

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Experiencing Baphomet

This is an account of the same ritual I talked about in this post, but from the point of view of the spectator rather than the aspector. Enjoy!

Experiencing Baphomet in the Summer of 2011 at Queer Pagan Camp, Somewhere in Wales

By Jenny Peacock

The light of the leaves in the summer woods leapt on the wood walkway. My fellow travellers and I were in a land of queer spirit and queer deity, a magical and precious land which many of us have been invested in co-creating for years and which keeps spinning its wondrous web and evolving, powered by love, change and exploration.

From il giardino dei tarocchi (the garden of tarot), garavicchio, capalbio, tuscany, italy

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LoveSpirit gathering: celebrating spiritual & sexual diversity

By Shokti Lovestar

Join LoveSpirit on 24th September 2011 – a gathering of 400 people celebrating and exploring lgbtiq spirituality – at the University of London Union, tickets & more information  available on

My awakening to spirituality came at the age of 30 – suddenly I became aware of energy flows and non-physical realities existing around me.  My curiosity became insatiable as I plunged into exploring spiritual wisdom and practice both ancient and modern.  I soon saw certain common threads underlying, and to my eyes uniting, all religious and magical paths – commonalities such as awareness of a unified consciousness giving rise to all existence, the power and centrality of love in this creation, and the crucial relationship we humans have with the natural world.  I saw religious debates over creator gods, moral codes etc as distractions that block us off from these unified points of existence, keep us separated, and of course subjugated, by those who would hold on to the reins of power in this world.

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Write for the Bent Pentacle!

Hello lovely folks, I hope you’ve been enjoying the writings and ramblings that have appeared on here over the last few days. Thank you all for reading and being generally fabulous (which I’m sure you are).

However, this blog is missing something – your voice. Right from the beggining when I was being all old fashioned and making printed zines, I was always intending the Bent Pentacle to be a colaborative effort, an open forum for discussion and idea swapping between many people, with myself mostly acting as a sort of facilitator, or maybe a ring master (I like that, they usually have better clothes don’t they?). I have a few more of my own writings in the pipeline, but I’m not really a writer and I’m sure there are many folk out there who can express themselves far more eloquently than my own wild ramblings, and who have many interesting thoughts and wisdoms to share with the world. Any pictures you may have made would be wonderful also. Anything that comes under the queer pagan umbrella (or comes just next to it), or which may be of interest to queer pagans, would be great.

So, please do send me things! Or send me links to interesting things! You can email anything you feel I should see to gokristofski at hotmail dot co dot uk   New email address! chris j hubley at gmail dot com

Lots of queer pagan hugs and kisses to you all, and I look forward to all the wonderous things you’ll be coming up with!

Littlesun xx

Gendered Spirit?

By Kris Littlesun

I am going to talk about something I think about a lot, and especially recently as I’ve been reading a few anti-trans blogs and articles* (mainly because I like the mental exercise it gives me, and to understand why people think the way that they do).

The main argument against people transitioning, from a certain kind of feminist point of view, seems to be that gender is socially constructed – that when female bodied people talk about “feeling male” that what they really mean is that they are more comfortable with the male social role than the female (and also that they have been taught to hate their female body by a misogynistic culture). They claim that the problem is the limitations of the social roles of gender – that if these roles were broken down then people would be happy being in whatever social role they fitted into best and not feel the need to change their body or to identify as a gender different to the one assigned to them at birth.

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